Copyrights in Armenia violate...

Feb 20, 2019

The reason for massive copyright infringement is impunity.

Experts are convinced that the guilt is not professional judges.

YEREVAN, February 20 - Sputnik.

 In Armenia, copyrights are violated literally every step. Susanna Nersisyan, General director of ARMAUTHOR NGO, said this at Sputnik Armenia International Press Center today.

According to her, the society has often started to talk about these issues, but it has not yet affected the situation in any way.

There are violations in all areas, at least in theaters.

"We have already prepared a document with famous authors for violating copyright and related rights, as well as offering solutions to the problem, we intend to present to the government," Nersisyan said.

She thinks that the reason for massive violations is impunity, which is the consequence of a lack of narrow professional staff in the judicial system. According to him, the judges are not quite familiar with copyright law and are often unable to understand the problem. And judgments in such cases are made in favor of business entities and are extremely subjective.

Ինչպես լուծել հեղինակային իրավունքի խախտման խնդիրները Հայաստանում

Alaverdyan has three options for solving the problem of media infringement:


David Alaverdyan, editor-in-chief of "Mediamax" agency, thinks that the main reason for the scandalous situation in the field of copyright is the absence of judges specialized in media law.

According to him, Mediamax agency for a long time has struggled against violations, but a few years ago he transferred that "headache" to a specialized agency that speaks with offenders in the language of the law.

"There are two more options for solving the problem. applying to professional journalistic organizations that must deal with the protection of journalists and media rights or make a "black list" of unscrupulous media, "Alaverdyan said.

The editor-in-chief of "Photolur" agency Melik Baghdasaryan told us that he has always tried to avoid judicial processes because everyone knows each other in the sphere and the issues have been solved verbally. However, the situation has recently reached critical points, and he has had to resort to court for the first time, which has made a decision not for his own benefit. Baghdasaryan intends to appeal the decision in the Court of Cassation because he is convinced that the judge has not understood what the essence of the matter is.

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