CRSEA electoral meeting:

Jun 4, 2018

On June 3, 2018, the CRSEA electoral assembly of the CONFEDERATION OF RIGHTHOLDERS' SOCIETIES OF EUROPE AND ASIA took place in Noginsk, Russia. ARMAUTHOR is a member of CRSEA since 2017. Representatives of all the member states participated in the meeting. A member of the Armenian Writing Board, writer Karine Khodikyan, director Susanna Nersisyan and deputy director Marine Avetisyan were present from Armenia. The participants were introduced in 2017. the results of the work done.

The Assembly re-elected the new composition of the organization.

Andrey Kritchevsky re-elected as Secretary General of the Organization

The Confederation President was unanimously elected composer, producer, chairman of the authoritative council of the State Institute of Intellectual Property Rights (Belarus), Oleg Molchan.

During the additional sessions, an agreement was signed between CRSEA and the Russian Academy of Intellectual Property (RGAIS). According to a bilateral agreement, students from the Eurasian Union can get professional education at RGAIS. In addition, academia students, post-graduate students and teachers will be able to work in the field of copyright and related rights in the homeland as well as abroad. Specialists who will be able to work in the digital economy will be prepared. Best scholarships will be awarded to the best students. The agreement also provides joint research, conferences, seminars, roundtables.

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