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This contract is concluded between “Armauthor”  Authors Rights Defense NGO and Author.



Subject of the contract


Under this contract the Author authorizes Armauthor to grant permission to the users for the use of his musical (with or without words), dramatic, dramatic-musical works, for the public performance of the music accompanying stage and choreographic works and administrate collectively author’s economic rights for public performance, broadcasting, reproduction, rental, communication to the public and on-line use of his works.


Armauthor has the right to administer authors rights collectively for public performance, broadcasting, reproduction by any means, rental, on line and other use of the works in accordance with the provisions of the Articles 63-64 of the Law on Copyright and Related Rights of RA.


Duties of the parties

The Author grants Armauthor the right to give permission to the users for the use of his works and collect from the users royalties due to him for the abovementioned kinds of the use.

Author authorizes Armauthor to administer his rights

- in the territory of Armenia

- outside of the territory of Armenia.


Outside of Armenia authors rights are administered and royalties due to the authors collected in accordance of reciprocal agreements concluded between sister societies.


To collect royalties in time and distribute it correctly between the authors the author has to register his works in Armauthor. The collection of royalties is realized from the date of registration of the works.

The author has to support Armauthor with the information referring to his name/surname, address, bank details and of any further changes of these details.

Under this contract the Author guarantees that

-          he is the author of the registered works,

-          the work does not infringe copyright of the third persons

-          the rights granted to Armauthor will not  transfer to other organizations.


Underthis contract the Armauthor has the obligation

-          to collect, distribute and pay royalties due to the Author  for the mentioned kinds of the use of  his works under this contract.

-          In case of exclusion any work from registration  in Armauthor royalties for its use will not be collected and information of exclusion will be send to the users

-           to search potential users of his works

-          to  realize any juridical actions to protect Author`s interests.



Financial terms


The royalties are paid to the Author each month after the transfer of the sum by the user.


The royalties will be paid after withholding all the taxes.

Armauthor has the right to carry out deductions from the collecting, distributing and paying


-           in the territory of Armenia 15%

-           outside  of Armenia - shall be identified under mutual representation contracts with ARMAUTHOR


The contract comes into effect from the date of its signatures.

The contract is concluded for one year and will be automatically prolonged after the period mentioned, if the parties are willing.

The author has the right to break the contract informing about his/her intention in written no later than six months before it.

The organization has the right to break the contract in case of infringements of the contract by the rightholder (Clauses 3-7) informing the rightholder about it in written.

The problems under this contract will be solved through negotiations, in case of failure by court.

The contract is signed in two copies one for Author.



Author`s name


Field of creativity(Please underline);

(composer, musical, lyrics, dramatist, author of libretto, author of dramatization, arranger, choreographer, poet, translator, director of performance, director of stage design, costume designer).


Name of the author and address, passport