Anybody who organizes concerts or publishes, reproduces, performs, broadcasts or otherwise disseminates music is a client of "Armauthor". Anybody using music or dramatikal works publicly needs a licence and is therefore a client of "Armauthor".

If you use music in private, i.e. within a small circle of family and friends, you do not need a licence.

Detailed information for

1. Theatre
2. Concert Internet Service
3. Circus
4. Radio Broadcasting Organization
5. TV Broadcasting Organization
6. Retransmission Operator
7. Cinema
8. Club,dancing
9. Advertising
10. Public Entertainment
11. Sound Recording Studio
12. Hotel
13. Restaurant, cafe, disco
14. Trade Organization
15. Dance and sport complexies
16. Ringtone/Ring Back Tone
17. Rental studio
18. Other Users

The minimum amount of remuneration established by the Government of the Republic of Armenia for the public performance, broadcasting, reproduction through recordings, rental, reproduction of works of applied decorative art in industry - 11 January 2007 N506-n.