About us

                                              “ A R M A U T H O R”

“ARMAUTHOR” is a Non-Governmental non-commercial organization founded by creative intellectuals. On 19 January 2001 the Non-Governmental Organization “ARMAUTHOR” was registered by collective decision No 119 of the Ministry of Justice of RA. The Organization executes its activities on the bases of its Statutes and the routine.

The main objectives of “ARMAUTHOR” are:

Collective administration of economic rights of authors in the cases when their practical execution in individual way is impossible.

       Protection of authors’ interests (their successors), presentation of the legitimate interests in the court, in governmental and non-governmental organizations.

 Being registered in the Ministry of Justice in January 2001 “ARMAUTHOR” became a member of the international confederation of authors CISAC  /Paris/ already in December 2001.

The Organization has signed reciprocal cooperation agreements with forty three foreign similar organizations.

“Armauthor” co-operates with Ministry of   Culture the Republic  of Armenia,

  AIPA / Intellectual Property Agency of the Republic of Armenia/,

 WIPO,  UNESCO  and other organizations.

“ARMAUTHOR “ is one of those unique organizations in this field, the main function of which is the solution of any issue relating to the authors rights and execution of protection of authors’ interests.



  • Rudolf Kharatyan 75

    Rudolf Kharatyan 75
  • Artur Safaryan 50

    Artur  Safaryan 50
  • Arman Hoveyan 40

    Arman Hoveyan 40
  • Vakhtang Harutyunyan 50

    Vakhtang Harutyunyan 50
  • Safaryan Arsen 45

    Safaryan Arsen 45
  • Aram Satyan 75

    Aram Satyan 75
  • Eduard Militonyan 70

    Eduard Militonyan 70
  • FORSH Vahan Gevorgyan 55

    FORSH  Vahan Gevorgyan 55
  • Ervand Erznkyan 75

    Ervand Erznkyan 75
  • Karine Khodikyan

    Karine Khodikyan
  • Gor Sujyan 35

    Gor Sujyan 35
  • Ashot Babayan 70

    Ashot Babayan 70
  • Vardan Zadoyan 45

    Vardan Zadoyan  45
  • Nik Egibyan 35

    Nik Egibyan 35
  • Grigor Kyokchyan 35

    Grigor Kyokchyan  35
  • Artur Mitinyan 60

    Artur Mitinyan 60
  • Edmond Makaryan 35

    Edmond Makaryan 35
  • Melik Mavisakalyan 85

    Melik Mavisakalyan 85
  • Shushan Petrosyan

    Shushan Petrosyan