Permission agreements


On public performance of published works

/ concert, theater, theater, pop performances, shows,

presentations, organizers of sports and other events /



Yerevan,                                                           "___" __________ 201__.


"ARMAUTHOR" Non-Governmental Organization, which collectively manages copyright and related rights, based on the RA Civil Code, 2006 On Copyright and Related Rights of the Republic of Armenia, adopted on June 15, 2007, and the RA Government's remuneration rates. No. 506-N and the on behalf of General Director Susanna Nersisyan on the one hand and ______________________________________

_______________________________________________________________________ (hereinafter, the User)

acting in accordance with its Charter registered by the Central Authority of the Republic of Armenia on November 28, 2013 (Certificate No. 03 A 062963) (hereinafter referred to as "Organization"), performing its activities ____________________________________

                                                                                (charter, certificate N, when registered)


on the other hand (hereinafter referred to as the Parties), taking into account the fact that,


 The organization, by virtue of the authors and their successors, grants the User permission to exercise the public performance of the published works of the authors, by representing the interests of the authors and their successors, as well as of foreign authors and their successors, and their property rights collectively.

 The user, being the organizer of the event or the performer agent, receives permission for public performance of the published works included in the repertoire of the Organization for the purpose of carrying out its activities

 This Treaty shall not apply to the protection of the rights of performers and phonogram producers


have signed this agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Contract) as follows:




1.1. CREATIVITY CAPACITY - an action performed by the author's consent, for the first time the work makes it accessible to the public by publishing, publicizing, publicizing, broadcasting, or otherwise.

1.2. CREATING PUBLIC SURVEY - public performance of musical compositions written in dramatic, music-dramatic, text-based or non-musical works, as well as accompanying dramatic music.

1.3. REPRESENTATION OF THE ORGANIZATION - any published works of music, dance, music, or drama that are protected by literary, dramatic, musical-dramatic, text or without the text.

1.4. USER - Concerts, Theater or Variety Performances, Shows, Presentations, Sports and Other Events

organizer or agent of the performer (performer group).




2.1. The Organization grants to the User exclusive non-exclusive permission under the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement to carry out the public performance of published works in the Organization's Repertoire of the Republic of Armenia.

2.2. The User undertakes to use only those works which are identified by the name of the author.

2.3. The user is not eligible for any changes or additions made to the creator's permission, as well as to use them in a reduced form.

2.4. The user has no right to concede a third party to the public

without the consent of the Authorized User of this Agreement

about the organization's written agreement.

2.5. This permission does not apply to the use of the works

on the types which are not defined by this Agreement.





3.1. Under this Agreement, the User shall pay to the Authority the remuneration for the public performance of the published works included in the repertoire of the Organization in accordance with the Republic of Armenia Government Decree of 11 January 2007. N 506-N decision. The remuneration is made in accordance with the bilateral signed and written off-time documents.

3.2. The User undertakes to provide the Organization with information about its income and the amount of royalties for the payment of the author's remuneration in accordance with the submitted forms no later than 15 days after the event (Law on Copyright and Related Rights, art .63).

3.3. In case of violation of the terms provided for in Article 3.2 of this Agreement for the payment of author's remuneration, the User shall pay the Organization a penalty of 0.1% of the amount payable for each overdue day.





4.1. The organization guarantees that all possible proprietary claims submitted by the creators and their successors to the User shall be determined by the public performance defined in this Agreement.

4.2. The User agrees that all the calculations provided for in this Agreement with the authors and their successors will only be made by the Organization.

4.3. All types of taxes and remuneration relating to copyright shall be made by the Organization in the manner prescribed by RA law.




5.1. The User undertakes to furnish to the representative of the Organization all financial documents required for the calculation and payment of royalties subject to payment under this Agreement (Article 63 of the RA Law on Copyright and Related Rights).

5.2. The user agrees to provide a free place to a representative of the organization at any event to conduct auditing hearings.

5.3. An entity is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of the information received during the audit.




6.1. The differences between the User and the Organization within the scope of this Agreement are settled through peaceful negotiations.

6.2. Unsettled disputes are settled in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Armenia.





7.1. This Agreement shall enter into force on the date of signature,

«___» ___________ 201__y.

7.2. The contract shall be concluded for an indefinite term, the beginning of which shall be defined,

«___» ___________ 201__:

7.3. The contract may be dissolved by written notice of one of the Parties on the termination or amendment of the contract but no later than 30 days from the date on which the contract is subject to termination.

7.4. If the User fails to comply with the obligations assumed under this Agreement or represents inaccurate or incomplete information necessary for the determination of the remuneration, the Organization shall be entitled to unilaterally terminate this Agreement.

7.5. Upon termination of this Agreement, the provisions of its third paragraph shall continue to be effective until the obligations of the User arising out of this Agreement have been fulfilled.



7.6. Liquidation of a contract shall deprive User of the right to public performance of the works included in the repertoire of the Organization. However, the User is entitled to apply to the Organization for the appropriate authorization.




8.1. The Party to which the change in the legal organizational order or which terminates its activities shall promptly notify the other Party thereof.

8.2. Changes and supplements to this Agreement shall be made by mutual consent of the Parties and in writing.

8.3. This Treaty is drawn up and signed by two equal copies - one for each of the Parties.


Location and bank details of the parties;






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Account: 163038104952, Myasnikyan Branch of Armeconombank

Account: N / A


Address: Yerevan, 0009, Koryun 19a



Phone: + 374 10 52-94-92




a collective non-governmental organization that manages copyright and related rights



General Director


Susanna Nersisyan