“Art and Copyright”

Mar 1, 2022


Taking into account that the rights of authors, performers and other right owner are constantly violated in Armenia, in 2021 Armauthor published the book “Art and Copyright”, in order to raise the awareness of the population of Armenia on the rights of authors and the current infringements  of copyright and related rights, the causes and consequences of such infringements. The book is intended for the general population of Armenia, first of all, for students of law faculties of universities and for the copyright owners themselves.


  • Rudolf Kharatyan 75

    Rudolf Kharatyan 75
  • Artur Safaryan 50

    Artur  Safaryan 50
  • Arman Hoveyan 40

    Arman Hoveyan 40
  • Vakhtang Harutyunyan 50

    Vakhtang Harutyunyan 50
  • Safaryan Arsen 45

    Safaryan Arsen 45
  • Aram Satyan 75

    Aram Satyan 75
  • Eduard Militonyan 70

    Eduard Militonyan 70
  • FORSH Vahan Gevorgyan 55

    FORSH  Vahan Gevorgyan 55