Unclaimed royalties rules

Approved by E. Erznkyan,

Chairman of the Authors’ board





Rules on the actions for identification of unclaimed royalties


Taking into account the fact that very often, in the lists submitted by the users and payer organizations, the names of the authors are missing or only the name of the author is mentioned without specifying the work used, the organization Armauthor is to undertake the following actions to identify and locate the unknown authors and to distribute and pay the unclaimed royalties within 3 years, as it is envisaged by the RA legislations:

  1. Place the list of authors with unknown location on the website of Armauthor with the purpose to identify and locate them and pay the royalties to the rightholders from the account, where the unclaimed royalties are kept.
  2. Place the list of unidentified works on the website.
  3. The inspectors of Armauthor shall inform the user organizations to submit specified programs.
  4. An inquiry in the form of a questionnaire shall be sent to the alleged author. The questionnaire shall be approved by the Authros’ board.
  5. Letters shall be sent to creative unions with the purpose to identify and locate the authors.
  6. Other possible methods to be used in order to identify and locate the authors with the purpose of paying them their unclaimed royalties.


  • Vilen Galstyan 80

    Vilen Galstyan  80
  • Karen Ananyan 45

    Karen Ananyan 45
  • Gayane Kesoyan 65

    Gayane  Kesoyan 65
  • Daniel erazhisht 75

    Daniel erazhisht 75
  • Ara Ernjakyan 70

    Ara Ernjakyan 70
  • Anush Aleqsanyan 55

    Anush Aleqsanyan 55
  • Martin Ulikhanjan 40

    Martin Ulikhanjan 40
  • Khachik Chalikyan 70

    Khachik Chalikyan 70
  • Elinar Sargsyan 65

    Elinar Sargsyan 65
  • Hasmik Manaseryan 80

    Hasmik Manaseryan 80
  • Vardan Atshemyan 65

    Vardan Atshemyan  65
  • Gagik Nazaryan 70 Haykazun

    Gagik Nazaryan 70 Haykazun
  • Makich Margaryan 70

    Makich  Margaryan  70
  • Voskehat Margaryan 70

    Voskehat  Margaryan  70
  • Armen Meliqsetyan 70

    Armen  Meliqsetyan  70
  • Norayr Mehrabyan 80

    Norayr Mehrabyan 80
  • Hrachya Harutyunyan 60

    Hrachya Harutyunyan 60