Service charges

                                                                               APPROVED by

                                                              the Council   of Authors of ARMAUTHOR

                                                                       By the Resolution of 18.01.2011


                                                                         Chairman Y. Yerznkyan 



on distribution of royalties the term of which has expired




Based on the Charter of Armauthor NGO and the Armenian legislation, the royalties with expired term of distribution, in accordance with the decision of the Authors' Board of Armauthor, are directed to:

a) the development of the organization; the procurement of necessary equipment, software; and the renovation of the office space;

b) other authors who have agreement with Armauthor, for the purposes of encouragement and motivation;

c) other authors whose works were used during the given event from which the royalties were collected;

d) other needs, as approved by the Board of Authors.





                                                                               APPROVED by

                                                              the Council   of Authors of ARMAUTHOR

                                                                       By the Resolution of 18.01.2011


                                                                         Chairman Y. Yerznkyan 




on allocation of administrative expenses




The membership fees withheld from the royalties for the purposes of covering organization's expenses are directed to:


  1. the payment of salaries;
  2. the payment of social security taxes;
  3. the procurement of stationary;
  4. the payment of per diems and other business travel expenses;
  5. the payment of utilities;
  6. the payment of membership fees of international organizations;
  7. the payment for subscriptions, publications and legal services of outside legal counsels;
  8. other expenses, as decided by the Board of Authors.


  • Armen Martirosyan 60

    Armen Martirosyan 60
  • Grigor Baghdasaryan 60

    Grigor Baghdasaryan 60
  • Martin Vardazaryan 85

    Martin Vardazaryan 85
  • Nersik Ispiryan 60

    Nersik Ispiryan 60
  • Narek Baveyan 40

    Narek  Baveyan 40
  • Sergey Karinyan 70

    Sergey Karinyan 70
  • Suren Knyazyan 60

    Suren Knyazyan 60
  • Edgar Gyanjumyan 45

    Edgar Gyanjumyan 45
  • Leyla Sa8ibekyan

    Leyla Sa8ibekyan
  • Zhan Nshanyan 70

    Zhan  Nshanyan  70
  • Vahagn Hayrapetyan 55

    Vahagn Hayrapetyan  55
  • Erik Karapetyan 35

    Erik Karapetyan 35
  • Arman Ghazaryan 45

    Arman Ghazaryan 45
  • Araqelyan Grigor 60

    Araqelyan Grigor 60
  • David Balasanyan 40

    David Balasanyan 40
  • Bleyan Lilit

    Bleyan Lilit
  • Arsen Grigoryan 40

    Arsen Grigoryan 40
  • Arsen Grigoryan 50

    Arsen Grigoryan 50
  • Narine Zarifyan

    Narine Zarifyan
  • Silva Hakobyan 35

    Silva Hakobyan 35
  • Armen Margaryan 35

    Armen Margaryan 35